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  • IIPTR has launched a special placement cell under its wing.
  • We panel a special team of recruitment experts with an objective of providing best manpower facilities to multiple industries on a global scale.
  • Our recruitment experts from the placement wing have placed 20000+ candidates globally on a happy note in 350+ companies, till date.
  • 25+ colleges & 150+ freelancers are working with our group

About Us 

Placement Wing is one of the most reputed recruitment firm in Mumbai and is a division of IIPTR Group. It ranks among the top most placement agencies of Mumbai.

Our selection process involves assessing the strengths & weakness of the candidates along with their technical & communication skills. We then leverage their weaknesses & train to turn them into their strengths to align with the market requirements.

We also run training for developing the competitive skills required to crack any interview, which transforms an unskilled candidate into a skilled professional. We ensure that our recruitment experts give you maximum benefits of placement services 

Even in today’s fiercely competitive market, we are renowned due to our accuracy, effectiveness, delivery timeless, attention to detail & constant recruitment support. IIPTR’s placement wing is committed to providing a specialized recruitment approach to accelerate the career selection, search & sustainable development. As an expert in career guidance category, we take pride in having transformed a countless number of unskilled candidates into industry professionals.

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