Become An Instructor

Become an Instructor


Our Instructor partnership program will assist people who are enthusiastic about teaching and sharing their experiences. When you join IIPTR Institute as an instructor, you cannot only share your expertise with students but also change people’s minds.

As an instructor with IIPTR Institute, you will be provided with learning management tools, initiatives, and programs to promote learning and collaboration while advancing your professional development.

You Can Collaborate With IIPTR Institute As An Instructor in Several Ways.

You have the option.

  • Create courses for the IIPTR Institute in your area of expertise (classroom courses or offline)
  • In virtual or face-to-face classes, we lead and deliver our courses.
  • Connect with others in our online forums and advance your career.
  • Increase your earning potential by doing something you enjoy.
  • Build a rewarding career as a trainer by promoting yourself.

If you are interested in joining the growing movement, please contact [email protected].

Create courses and share your expertise to increase your earning potential greatly.

The IIPTR Institute provides classroom  and online training.

IIPTR Institute is a recognized education partner and one of Mumbai’s leading institutes.

Connect with our trainers to obtain knowledge; they are trained experts with demonstrated industry experience.