Tax Corporate Training


The course covers the distinctions between taxable and non-taxable income, as well as tax reduction and capital allowance issues for corporate tax purposes.

Specifically, ensuring that participants have a thorough understanding of the Indian corporate tax system and the taxability of various sources of revenue, as well as the tax treatment of operating expenditures.

We live in a world where almost everything we see or purchase is excessively taxed. Every citizen must understand how, what, and why he gets taxed. This business tax training course tries to do this by providing a thorough course knowledge on numerous forms of taxes.


Expert FacilitiesVirtual Interactive ClassroomsCustomer Delight's ApproachCertifications
We have skilled trainers with 15+ years of expertise in the form of mentors. The mentors are your buddy and advisor, and they are passionate about all things digital.The virtual course style provides an exciting and dynamic learning experience. Furthermore, the use of case studies, tasks, and group brainstorming create a stimulating learning environment.IIPTR Institute also offers career counseling to assist you in determining the best career route for you.The syllabus for the course covers all topics in depth. Along with the IIPTR Globally Recognized Master Certification, the institute goes above and beyond to prepare you for globally relevant certifications.


We combine course knowledge with great business solutions to enable your entire team to succeed in this fast-paced environment.

Excellent Lecturers: Our outstanding lecturers will help you improve your productivity, presentation, execution, risk management, and bottom line.

Customized Programs: Our customized programs focus on growing your business by training your complete crew. Allow us to assist you, and your company will develop a progressive culture!


CA Sheel Bhanushali

25+ years of experience as a CA & GST and tax Advocate, Experience in mentoring and training 5000+ working professionals across industries

CA Suresh Shivtarkar

CA Suresh Shivtarkar has 20+ years of professional experience in GST and Direct Tax Trainer And Mentor has worked with major corporates.

CA Tanmay Thakoor

CA Tanmay Thakoor has over 22+ years of experience as a practicing Chartered as well as Trainer.

CA Minal Pawar

CA Minal Pawar 22 years of experience as a Practicing Chartered Accountant and specialist in GST



Selling a home within five years of possession will result in the loss of tax benefits on the loan.

December 24, 2022

In December 2018, I purchased a residential dwelling with the…

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Tax Corporate Training

IIPTR Institute Tax Corporate Training


Vaishali Parab

Hi, My Name is Vaishali, I did GST diploma course from IIPTR , it is very helpful for my further career Suresh sir teaching is awesome, and because of this course now, I can handle all Gst related work independently, so if anyone wants extra knowledge of Direct and Indirect Tax plz join IIPTR.

Hemant Shah

First of all i want to thank Vishal sir for giving so much support starting from admission to getting my GST certificate so that is the best help for me and i would like to thank Suresh sir for giving best coaching to me for upgrading my career in GST field.

Aarti Sutar

Recently I completed my Diploma course in taxation from IIPTR INSTITUTE. A student is always looking for a good institute & excellent knowledge with a good coach & supportive staff. All I found in IIPTR.Being a satisfied student, I am very thankful to my coach

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