Be a part of a dynamic, results-driven business expanding and making its presence in every corner of the globe. You have many reasons to join our team, from being a member of a world-class team to enjoying a variety of organizational rewards.

Your contributions will be acknowledged as a team member, and our work environment will help you strive for the stars by enhancing your expertise in numerous areas, working alongside the industry’s top thought leaders, and exploring chances for growth and development. You will be given a work atmosphere that encourages exceptional performance.

Join us to nurture your personal and professional goals and the organizations through collaborative efforts and a productive environment.

HR Recruiter tasks include the following:

  • Creating and revising job descriptions
  • Identifying possible candidates using multiple web channels (e.g., social media and professional platforms like Stack-overflow and Behance)
  • Creating recruitment emails that will appeal to passive prospects.

Job description : HR Recruiter

We are searching for an HR Recruiter to oversee our whole recruiting process, from discovering recruits to interviewing and assessing prospects.

HR Recruiters are responsible for finding individuals online, updating job advertisements, and doing background checks. We’d want to meet you if you have expertise with different job interview formats, such as phone screenings and group interviews, and can help us recruit quicker and more successfully.

Finally, you will be critical in establishing an excellent employer brand for our organization to recruit, hire, and retain the best-qualified personnel.


  • Create and revise job descriptions
  • Find suitable applicants using numerous web outlets (e.g., social media and professional platforms like StackOverflow and Behance)
  • Create recruitment emails that will entice passive applicants.
  • Incoming resumes and application forms are screened.
  • Candidates for interviews (via phone, video, and in-person)
  • Prepare and distribute assignments and assessments in mathematics, language, and logical thinking.
  • Job opportunities should be advertised on the company’s careers page, social media, job boards, and internally.
  • Provide recruiting managers with qualified applicant shortlists.
  • Send job offer emails and respond to questions regarding pay and perks.
  • Keep track of critical HR data such as time-to-fill, time-to-hire, and source of hiring.
  • Participate in job fairs and organize internal recruitment activities.
  • Work with management to determine future recruiting requirements.
  • Assist recruits with their on-boarding by acting as a consultant.

Qualifications and abilities

  • Work experience as an HR Recruiter or a comparable job is required.
  • Knowledge of Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases.
  • Knowledge of sourcing procedures.
  • Knowledge of referral programs.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Good judgment.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology, or a related discipline.

Learn about the essential requirements, tasks, responsibilities, and abilities that should be included in a job description for a business development executive.Business development executives are responsible for increasing corporate sales by acquiring new clients and persuading existing clients to acquire new products and services. As a result, business development executives are critical to a company’s long-term viability.

Job Description : Business Development Executive

We are searching for a resilient, compassionate business development professional to help our firm expand. Business development executives are responsible for acquiring and maintaining clients, pushing existing clients to purchase more goods or features, and staying current on consumer trends. You will also be expected to develop employee capability via frequent training and mentoring.

Responsibilities of a Business Development Executive 

  • Identify and qualify new sales leads using networks and web research.
  • Follow up on any sales leads, explicitly giving relevant information.
  • Use phone, email, and internet interaction to create and maintain solid relationships with new and existing partners.
  • Develop your product knowledge and ability to market the company’s products properly to current and prospective consumers.
  • Weekly and monthly sales objectives and KPIs must be met.
  • Attend company-sponsored seminars, meetings, and industry events.

Requirements for a Business Development Executive:

  • A degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field is required.
  • Significant sales experience.
  • Intuitive and wise, especially when it comes to human behavior.
  • The ability to make income by detecting pain areas and recommending appropriate items or services.
  • Professional but approachable demeanor.
  • Excellent networking abilities.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Resourceful, having exceptional research abilities.