GST collections: Check which state topped collection in December, how much tax other states got

Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections in December recorded an increase of 9 per cent on-year to Rs 1,03,184 crore indicating marginal rise in consumption. Since the concept of GST was implemented in 2017, it is the ninth time that the collection crossed one lakh crore mark in a month. In December 2019, almost all but two states and union territories witnessed growth. Overall GST collections from all the states saw an increase of 16 per cent to Rs 80,849 crore in December 2019. Maharashtra got the highest GST collections at Rs 16,530 crore in the month. The state had collected Rs 13,524 crore in the corresponding month of last fiscal.

Following Maharashtra, Karnataka’s GST collection was the second highest with the collection of Rs 6,886 crore, an uptick of 11 per cent. Gujarat too collected a substantial amount of GST at Rs 6,621 crore in December 2019. Arunachal Pradesh’s growth of GST collection was the highest, with the state more than doubling its tax collection, albeit on a very low base. The state ended up collecting Rs 58 crore in GST in December, up 124 per cent from the previous year.

Here is the list of GST collection of all states and UTs in the month of December:

Jammu and Kashmir: Rs 409 crore; up 40%
Himachal Pradesh: Rs 699 crore; up 18%
Punjab: Rs 1,290 crore; up 11%
Chandigarh: Rs 168 crore; up 18%
Uttarakhand: Rs 1,213 crore; up 15%
Haryana: Rs 5,365 crore; up 15%
Delhi: Rs 3,698 crore; up 18%
Rajasthan: Rs 2,713 crore; up 10%
Uttar Pradesh: Rs 5,489 crore; up 11%
Bihar: Rs 1,016 crore; up 12%
Sikkim: Rs 214 crore; up 43%
Arunachal Pradesh: Rs 58 crore; up 124%
Nagaland: Rs 31 crore; up 88%
Manipur: Rs 44 crore; up 64%
Mizoram: Rs 21 crore; up 60%
Tripura: Rs 59 crore; up 24%
Meghalaya: Rs 123 crore; up 14%
Assam: Rs 991 crore; up 33%
West Bengal: Rs 3,748 crore; up 16%
Jharkhand: Rs 1,943 crore; down 3%
Odisha: Rs 2,383 crore; up 2%
Chhattisgarh: Rs 2,136 crore; up 15%
Madhya Pradesh: Rs 2,434 crore; up 16%
Gujarat: Rs 6,621 crore; up 18%
Daman and Diu: Rs 94 crore; up 22%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli: Rs 154 crore; up 20%
Maharashtra: Rs 16,530 crore; up 22%
Karnataka: Rs 6,886 crore; up 11%
Goa: Rs 363 crore; up 6%
Lakshadweep: Rs 1 crore; down 78%
Kerala: Rs 1,651 crore; up 17%’
Tamil Nadu: Rs 6,422 crore; up 19%
Puducherry: Rs 165 crore; up 9%
Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Rs 30 crore; up 36%
Telangana: Rs 3,420 crore; up 13%
Andhra Pradesh: Rs 2,265 crore; up 11%
Despite strong double digit growth, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mizoram and Nagaland remained low contributors in overall GST collection. While 35 states and union territories witnessed positive growth, Jharkhand and Lakshadweep posted decline in their GST collections. Lakshadweep saw a dip in its GST collection of 78 per cent to Rs 1 crore last month as compared to Rs 4 crore in December 2018. Jharkhand, on the other, posted 3 per cent decline to Rs 1,943 crore.

With collection over one lakh crore every month in the third quarter of this fiscal, the majority of states will still fall short of their annual targets for GST collection. Therefore, sharp pick-up in remaining months of this fiscal is necessary to come closer to the targets. Meanwhile, to make up for all the shortfalls in collection, the government has raised the monthly targets of GST collection for states. However, the centre will have to compensate, if states fail to meet their 14 per cent growth target.