GST on pre-packaged non-branded food goods is opposed by a trade association

Traders and industry groups across the state have urged that the 5% GST on pre-packaged non-branded food goods be repealed. If this is not done, a statewide movement would be initiated, warned Lalit Gandhi, head of the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture (MCCIA), on Sunday.

Gandhi was in town for a program put on by the Chandrapur chapter of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. “Industrial and trade organizations across the country are unified on this subject.” “A formal announcement of the agitation will be made during a conference of trade and industrial groups from 28 states slated for July 26 in Bhopal,” he added.

“Imposing a GST on vital items will drive inflation much further.” This would have an impact on farmers, regular customers, and small dealers.

He also opposes the ban on single-use plastic. “Unless a better alternative to single-use plastic is found, the Union authorities should postpone implementation of the law until March 2023.” “The government should meet with traders and industry organizations to resolve the uncertainty in the legislation,” he added.

Gandhi pointed out that, although the Center has changed its attitude toward the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), the state government has taken the opposite stance. “Imposing a levy on commodities transported into Maharashtra from other states is contrary to natural justice.” Furthermore, APMC should not be allowed to collect taxes on firms located outside of its jurisdiction,” he stated.

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