Top 5 GST Courses in India for Beginners in 2023

Top 5 GST Courses in India for Beginners in 2023

The GST Course can assist CAs, business owners, accountants, and other professionals refresh their understanding of the tax on goods and services. Both theoretical and practical GST expertise might open up new prospects for self-employment and industrial work. A good GST education for beginners may help anyone comprehend GST ideas and open new doors to a better future. Thus, this article lists the top eight GST courses in India for beginners.

What exactly is GST?

The Indian Parliament initially voted on the Goods and Services Tax on March 29, 2017, and went into force on July 1, 2017.

GST is also known as Goods and Services Tax. Thus, the GST is a value-added tax on most goods and services sold for domestic use. The tax is mainly included in the final price paid by customers at the moment of sale and is then passed on to the government. GST was implement to replace other indirect taxes such as service, purchase, VAT, excise duty, etc. Hence it is a single tax levied on all products and services in India.

Benefits and Career options after learning GST

Thus, the GST Course has several advantages. The most significant ones are given below:

  • It provides an excellent classroom setting for learning the topic in a more defined method integrated with practical learning.
  • It also allows someone to start their own GST consultation services.
  • It aids in developing taxes and financial system abilities among various company experts.
  • It aids in wage increases and adding new stars to one’s résumé.
  • Thus it opens the door to new work options.

Hence Solid GST training may open new professional prospects for anybody looking to add new skills to their work or business. Thus the top eight GST courses for beginners in India are listed here.

Top GST Courses for Beginners in India

1. IIPTR Institute

IIPTR Institute’s online & classroom GST certification course thoroughly covers all subjects. It is well-design to satisfy industry requirements and includes practical and theoretical training.

Thus, the course begins with basic GST ideas, progresses to advanced topics, and concludes with practical instruction. This makes it easier for new graduates, students, retired people, and housewives to begin or resume their jobs.

Eventually, this course covers every element of current GST regulations so that accounting and financial professionals, company owners, and start-ups can get the most out of it and further their employment or business careers. In brief, after you complete the IIPTR Institute course, your income will be doubled, and you will begin generating a profit in your profession or business. As a result, it is regarded as one of the top GST courses for beginners in India.

Module 1: Introduction to GST and comparison with OldIndirect Taxes

 1.2: Types of GST/ Rate structure under GST

 1.3:Exemptions in GST

1.4:GST Registration – Persons liable for registration.Types of registration.Types of registration.

 1.5: Concept of supply under GST – Distinction of Goods and Services.

1.6: Concept of Place of Supply.

 1.7: Concept of time of supply and valuation under GST

1.8: Concept of Branch Transfer/Principal-Agent/Job Work/Works Contract /E-Commerce/Special Economic Zone/EOU/Free Sample/Input Services Distributor.

1.9: Export & Imports in GST and provisions relating to LUT

1.10: Types of Invoices and Invoice format.

1.11:Computation of GST (including RCM)

1.12: Input Tax Credit (ITC)and set off -Types of input tax credit/ Conditions to claim ITC/Inadmissible ITC/Reversal of ITC /Set of ITC 

1.13: Concepts of Reverse charger mechanism and compliance

 1.14: Recording GST liability, ITC, Computation of GST payment, and Set off entry for ITC.

 1.15: Filing of GST returns – (GST3B/GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3/GSTR4/GSTR5 etc)

 1.16: Eway Bill requirement & compliance.

 1.17: E-invoicing

 1.18: Composition Scheme in GST

 1.19: Tax Computation, Payments, and reports(including practical example) TDS under GST

 1.20: GST Annual Return

 1.21: GST Audit


1) Detailed training on GST Software of Partner GSP for payment and filing of GST (presently, no one provides practical training on GST software). A free copy of GST Filing Software will be provided to students upon completing the course.

2) Training on how to successfully run your business and client relations.

Small Batch Size

Thus the quantity of students in a single batch is relatively less.IIPTR Institute’s small batch numbers ensure that each receivesa careful attention and supervision. As a result, the course delivery is very quality-focused and student-centred.


Lifetime access:

The most appealing aspect of this course is the lifetime access guarantee. That implies you don’t have to be dissatisfy if you miss out on anything.

With lifelong LMS support, you may surf your learning and access updated learnings until your last breath. Thus, the number of times you see instructional recordings is unlimited.

Hence, the cherry on top is that you may communicate with and consult with mentors throughout your life. Inquire about their career advice, coaching, challenges, or employment ideas.

In its most basic form, IIPTR Institute is a lifelong journey.


IndigoLearn believes that learning can be made easy, fun, and enjoyable. Hence, they use technology visual effects and Data Analytics to make difficult concepts easy to learn. Hence, Indigo Learn team includes professionals, teachers, students, techies, and VFX specialists to make learning fun.

Here, the “GST course for beginners” was taught by CA Teja Shiva. Thus, this is a video learning course with limited time validity. Anyone interested in finance and accounting can benefit from it. Hence, from freshers to working professionals, whoever is interest in learning GST, can join this course to become GST-ready after the completion of the course.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Taxable Event – Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration
  • Tax Invoice: Credit and Debit Notes
  • Payment of Tax

Other courses offered:

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Inter
  • CA Final
  • CMA Foundation
  • CMA Inter
  • CS Exec
  • CS Professional
  • CBSE
  • Mock Test Series
  • Mentorships
  • Upskilling


Taxguru offers courses both in a live and self-paced format for GST certification. Here, the courses are taught by leading finance and also business industry experts. Thus, the website covers the latest content on norms and regulations of finance and business background.

GST compliance course is a short-term compliance course, one of India’s best GST courses. Thus the course is taught by Deepika Agrawal, a practicing CA with more than 10 years of industry experience. Hence, more details about the course are written below:

Course Details:

  • How to apply for new registration, refund application, and GST return
  • Reconciliation with GSTR-2A, GSTR-2B, Books, and 3B
  • How to create an E-invoice and E-way billing system
  • How to submit responses to notices issued by the department?
  • Thus Payment system and How to download ledgers
  • How to find a registered dealer on the GST portal, and what information to look upon before dealing?

Other courses offered:

  • Income Tax Compliance Course
  • Advanced Excel Course
  • Self-Learning Certification Course on GST
  • Self-Learning Certification Course on Customs
  • Self-Learning Certification Course on Income Tax


Consultease is a marketplace for services. Thus this platform provides interactions between businesses looking for help and consultants. However,this platform covers a list of consultants with good experience in their niche and shares their knowledge through right-ups.

This website has a blog section where different consultants share their knowledge from time to time. Thus this website has courses on various professional subjects that anyone can take according to their needs.

Thus, this one of the top-class GST Courses for Beginners is design for students from commerce backgrounds, start-ups, MSME business owners or anyone who wants to boost their career can join it. CA Shaifaly Girdharwal teaches the course in Hindi. She is a GST consultant, Author, Trainer, and a famous YouTuber.

Thus, this is a video learning course with limited time validity. Hence, this course explains GST concepts and practical examples in Hindi to make it easy for newcomers in this field to understand.

Course Modules

  • What is GST
  • Levy, Exemptions, and supply
  • Registration
  • Returns under GST
  • Place of Supply

Key Benefits of the course:

  • 12+ hrs of video content
  • The entire course is in Hindi
  • Certification of completion by Consultease
  • No Exam


NIIT is a leading skill and development corporation set up in 1981 to help the IT industry overcome its human resource challenges. However, today, NIIT is among of the leading training companies that have footprints in over 30 countries and offer training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises, and various institutions.

Thus, the course taught by NIIT is “GST using Tally.ERP9,” which covers all the major concepts of GST along with its implementation in Tally software. Hence, the combination of GST concepts and Tally makes this course unique.

Course Details and learnings:

  • Thus, GST is taught at a basic level
  • Impact and Implementation of GST in the Taxation System
  • The course is design and embedded along with the Tally Online Certificate Exam
  • Thus, the course includes 20 hours of classroom training along with practice on data sets for better learning and increased grasping


GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a new indirect tax system that will replace existing indirect taxes by combining state and national levies. Currently, every firm must adhere to GST regulations. Thus this opens up many opportunities for persons with GST understanding and filing abilities.

Hence, excellent GST training will assist students, recent graduates, and financial or accounting professionals advance their careers. Thus, you can pursue various job opportunities with a solid practical and theoretical understanding of GST. You can select one of the finest GST courses for beginners from the list above.



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