Top 5 Online GST Courses in India With Placements.

Top 5 GST Online Courses in India with Placements

Shout out to Online GST Courses in India that have made learning GST easier, simpler, and homelier. Thus If you are a fan of online learning and want to learn an in-demand new skill or course, check out these best online GST Courses in India. 

Indeed, when the Goods and Services Tax Act was implemented in India in July 2017, it created a flow of chances for newcomers, accountants, and finance experts to pursue a career as GST Practitioners. Hence if you want to start or develop your career as a GST Professional, read our post on the best online GST courses in India that you can access from the comfort of your home.

Hence for those of you who are new to GST, let’s go over the meaning and forms of GST. Though you will study everything in your selected course, having some prior knowledge will benefit you. So, here we go!

What exactly is GST?

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a tender law that took effect on July 1, 2017. To eliminate the cascading impact of taxes, the unified, multi-staged law consolidates a variety of indirect taxes such as VAT, excise duty, and luxury tax, to mention a few. Thus the GST law applies to consuming all products and services at the Government of India’s predetermined rate.

The tax rate is divided into four brackets: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. Furthermore, the GST tax has four tiers or kinds, which are as follows:

  1. CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)
  2. SGST (State GST)
  3. Integrated GST or IGST
  4. Union GST or UGST

Despite early opposition from the public, GST has proven successful over the years. Since then, the GST legislation has attracted a slew of additional compliances, such as the E-way bill system, E-invoicing, and others. Thus you can learn more about the Goods and Services Tax here.

Now that you’ve learned enough about GST let’s get straight to India’s top online GST courses.

Top 10 Online GST Courses in India

1. IIPTR Institute 

IIPTR Institute, a website, is a preeminent institution that has travelled its path to create the paradigm for skill development programs. Thus its enjoyable, immersive activities have earned them recognition throughout the digital platform.

Thus the courses at IIPTR Institute capitalize on your learning process with an industry-led curriculum and simplified techniques. Hence, the mentors instill a flexible learning style to make the online classroom a pinnacle of curiosity and enlightenment.

This flamboyant institute offers a variety of courses, with the GST Certification Course being our primary focus here. Thus the study’s highlights are listed below to demonstrate why it is one of India’s top online GST Courses.

Module 1: Introduction to GST and Comparison with OldIndirect Taxes

 1.2: Types of GST/ Rate Structure under GST

 1.3:Exemptions in GST

 1.4:GST Registration – Persons liable for registration.Types of registration.Types of registration.

 1.5: Also learn the Concept of supply under GST – Distinction of Goods and Services.

 1.6: Concept of Place of Supply.

 1.7: Concept of time of supply and valuation under GST

 1.8: Concept of Branch Transfer/Principal-Agent/Job Work/Works Contract /E-Commerce/Special Economic Zone/EOU/Free Sample/Input Services Distributor.

 1.9: Export & Imports in GST and provisions relating to LUT

 1.10: Types of Invoices and Invoice Format.

1.11:Computation of GST (including RCM)

 1.12: Input Tax Credit (ITC)and set off -Types of input tax credit/ Conditions to claim ITC/Inadmissible ITC/Reversal of ITC /Set of ITC 

 1.13: Concepts of Reverse charger mechanism and compliance

 1.14: Recording GST liability, ITC, Computation of GST payment, and Set off entry for ITC.

1.15: Filing of GST returns – (GST3B/GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3/GSTR4/GSTR5 etc)

 1.16: Eway Bill requirement & compliance.

 1.17: E-invoicing

 1.18: Composition Scheme in GST

 1.19: Tax Computation, Payments, and reports(including practical example) TDS under GST

 1.20: GST Annual Return

 1.21: GST Audit


1) Detailed training on GST Software of Partner GSP for payment and filing of GST (presently, no one provides practical training on GST software). Thus a free copy of GST Filing Software will be provided to students upon completing the course.

2) Training on how to successfully run your business and client relations.

Thus this course will teach you the intricacies of GST, including its origins, compliance, and enforcement. Indeed, you will get practical experience in GST operations, preparing you for a job with a thorough comprehension of GST laws.

Thus the course will conclude with a course evaluation examination, which you must pass to get a certification. However, your adventure does not finish here; as a bonus, you may receive placement support and career coaching throughout your life.

Why should you choose them?

  • Also highly-qualified trainers
  • well-researched training methodologies with a focus on practical training
  • on-the-spot doubt clearance
  • 24*7 support
  • lifetime validity
  • free demo

Course Name:  GST Certification Course.

Batches: Both weekday and weekend batches available.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is a statutory body that operates under the administrative control of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Thus with as many functions as regulating Accountancy professions, continuing education of accountancy professionals, convoying post-qualification courses, ICAI takes care of the accountancy department.

Thus with the advent of the GST regime, ICAI formulated a certificate course on GST to upskill its members with the latest amendments in the finance and accounts industry.


Name: Certificate Course on GST

Eligibility: The course is open only to the members of ICAI.

 Duration: 10 days course

Batches: Both weekday and weekend batches available.


Thus aiming to provide specialized and updated knowledge of GST law in a systematized manner, the course emphasizes enhancing analytical, problem-solving, and decisive skills. Therefore the syllabus takes into account the following topics:

  • GST Concept and Definition
  • Levy, Time and Place of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Transitional issues
  • Valuation
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Payment
  • Refund
  • Assessment
  • Offences and Penalties
  • Advance Ruling
  • FTP
  • Customs Duty
  • Ethical Practice
  • Exemption List of Goods and Services
  • Miscellaneous Provisions

Hence Each module is treated in-depth with detailed analysis and comprehension. Thus participants are entitled to a certificate after the course completion and examination(held twice a year). You also receive 25 CPE hours (after the course) + +5 CPE hours (after the examination).

Why should you choose them? 

  • present an avenue for the global social service market
  • render CPE hours
  • expert faculty
  • Government-authorized


ICSI, or The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, is a premier national body set up under Parliament Act. Hence, Headquartered in New Delhi and regional centers across other regions, the institute is a one-stop shop for Company Secretaries of India.

Thus with the purpose to cultivate high-caliber professionals facilitating good governance, ICSI aims to be a global leader. Therefore, ICSI offers a GST course exclusively for its members and professional program students to acquaint them with GST compliance and enforcement.


Name: Certificate Course in Goods and Services Law

 Duration: 5 weeks (online training 6 hours Sat and Sun)


Thus the extensive GST Program gives insights into the fundamentals, principles, and other nuances of GST. Hence it enables the candidate to acquire GST concepts and apprise them about the latest developments in the GST sphere.

The course curriculum teaches you what, why, when, and how of GST-related concepts with due focus on practical training. Hence when you sign up for the registration, the study material is given to you in soft copy format.

Once you have expanded your cognition about GST and its compliances, you must attend an online examination. Hence at the course’s end, you can earn a joint certificate from ICSI and BSE Institute Limited.

Thus Hailing its rare repute, ICSI provides one of India’s best online GST Courses. Hence for more information, visit their website and download their brochure.

 Why should you choose them?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Industry experts as your mentors
  • ICSI and BSE certification to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Inclusive of latest developments


VSkills is an online skills testing and certification exam conducting body that offers skill development programs to increase employability. Thus this online training provider houses a certified GST professional training program. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best online GST courses you can avail yourself of to become a certified GST practitioner.

Hence as a part of this self-paced program, you visit and select the GST Training program and register yourself for the same. Once registered, you receive LMS access and a hard copy of the study material. Thus After the learning process, you can take the online exam anytime and anywhere. Earning more than 50% will make you certified and improve your employability.


 Name: Online GST Training

Duration: 28 hours of learning


Thus this cohesive GST program covers all the critical aspects of Goods and Services Tax in India. Here are the modules incorporated into this program:

  • Taxation and GST Basics
  • GST Concepts
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST returns
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Legal Provisions
  • Miscellaneous

Why should you choose them?

  • Government certification
  • Lifelong valid certification
  • Lifelong e-learning process
  • Self-paced program
  • VSKills certified tag at and


Another prominent name in the list of online GST Courses is Cleartax which aims to simplify finances, tax payments, money, and time problems for Indian entrepreneurs. ClearTax has successfully served more than 2.5 million happy customers, more than 20000 CA and tax professionals, and more than 10000 businesses pan India.

Thus it claims to be India’s mammoth tax and financial services stage for individuals, businesses, tax experts, SME’s, and enterprises. Therefore, they aver to provide the best possible solutions for income tax returns, GST filing, invoicing, and more.


 Name: Comprehensive e-learning Certification on New GST Returns

Duration: 8+ hours in-depth training


With detailed lectures from Industry experts such as CA Preeti Khurana (15 years of experience) and CA Srubhi Punshi, the course leads you to the latest advancements in GST.

 Topics you will learn across the course:

  • Also learn Basics of GST Returns
  • New GST Return system
  • The transition from old to the new system
  • Complete Filing Process for RET-1,2,3
  • Detailed Analysis of ANX-1,2
  • Case studies by CA’s

Why should you choose them?

  • Experienced CA as mentors
  • detailed training
  • affordable pricing
  • Assessment and Cleartax certification


Q1. Which is better- an online GST course or an offline GST course?

Given the present situation and modern period, the Online GST course with sophisticated learning techniques is the way to go. While you save time and energy commuting, you may learn new skills from the comfort of your home at a low cost.

Q2. Is GST applicable to online courses?

Yes, GST is also applicable to online courses. As previously stated, most course rates include extra GST charges in addition to the base tuition structure.

Q3. Where can I learn GST online?

You can learn GST at any online education provider such as IIPTR Institute, ICAI, ICSI, Vskills, etc. Thus these best institutes provide GST courses and certifications at affordable pricing.

Q4. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

The average salary for an Accounts Manager and GST Practitioner falls at INR 4.9-6.4lacs in India.

Q5. Can a GST practitioner do a job?

Yes, GST Practitioners can apply for jobs and open their consultancy. Hence GST has opened up new avenues for finance professionals and commerce graduates.

Concluding Thoughts

Hence all the courses listed here are the top online GST courses in India, based on criteria such as reviews, course format, practical training, costs, competent staff, and so on, given the skill development needs of working professionals. Most colleges also offer weekend classes.

I hope you find the right match for your requirements and preferences in one of these courses. 


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