Top 8 Accounting and Taxation Courses with Placements (1)

Top 8 Accounting and Taxation Courses with Placements

Accounting and Taxation Course is an essential element in the social agreement between citizens and the economy, and it is not simply about paying taxes for public services and products. How taxes are collected and spent can determine the legality of a government.

Government positions in tax collecting pay well and provide a lot of stability. Nonetheless, tax specialists frequently find regular, well-paying work in accounting departments of corporate houses or CA firms. 

Hence Tax consulting also offers high pay. The following article examines some of the greatest Taxation and Accounting Courses to help you start a prosperous career with excellent subject understanding.

What are Accounting and Taxation Courses?

Taxation and accounting courses cover the segmentation of the specialization. Thus the systems assist candidates in developing the requisite understanding and abilities in the topic. Therefore candidates receive a comprehensive review of the case and gain an understanding of the current state of our country’s economy.

Although The program gives students an overview of the Indian tax system, fundamental accounting concepts, taxation, the VAT system, GST computation, and GST tax bands. Hence, students with solid maths abilities and a rudimentary comprehension of commerce will find it easier to implant sophisticated ideas in them. Also, after finishing the courses, they can continue their education in Accounting, Taxation, or both.

Courses are often broken into modules and last six months to a year. These modules include fundamental topics such as using Microsoft Office Suite, Tally, creating balance sheets in Excel, Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting, Direct and Indirect Taxes, and GST. Moreover, with increased taxes, professionals must advance the system and grasp its importance in many sectors. Hence, Taxation and accounting courses provide a foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in accounting.

Thus, the whole course framework seeks to allow students to understand and use the subject in their jobs thoroughly. After graduation, Students pursuing studies in taxes and accounting will benefit from a career in taxation, financial sectors, the Indian economy, international and national tax, and so on. Hence, these courses after the 12th will provide them with a good foundation for studying for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the area and beginning a job in the financial sector as a junior or intern.

Top Taxation and Accounting Courses

1. IIPTR Institute:

IIPTR Institute is a global leader in online skill development education. Through its self-paced and online & offline classes, it has trained over +15,000 students from over countries. However, some of the institute’s exceptional characteristics include flexible virtual online lessons, post-training services, specialized placement cells, and worldwide acknowledged certificates. Thus the IIPTR Institute offers an outstanding certification course in taxes and accounting, the specifics of which are as follows:

Although this certification course in the BAT program’s super-interactive learning sessions assists you in gaining a thorough understanding of Business Accounting and Taxation, thus the training program helps entrepreneurs understand their company’s financial status and make appropriate decisions. It also raises their awareness of their tax obligations.

Thus this training program prepares you for a job by providing a practical understanding of all Finance, Accounting, and Taxation procedures. Hence, these factors, together with free ebooks, invoicing tools and software, internship possibilities, and a specialized placement cell, make the Master BAT course from IIPTR Institute one of the world’s best taxation and accounting courses.

The following are the highlights of the Master BAT Course:

  • Online interactive sessions that are live and interactive
  • Extensive and hands-on training in business accounting and taxation
  • Also, Well-researched teaching techniques and a syllabus flexible to contemporary accounting and taxation advancements.
  • However, training delivered by industry professionals using case studies to provide an engaging learning experience.
  • Conceptual clarity and insights into Accounting and Taxation’s theoretical and practical applications.
  • Quick doubt resolves for explicit learning via the discussion topic
  • Certificate of completion to prove your abilities.

Other skill development courses offered by the IIPTR Institute include:

2. National Institute of Financial Market:

The National Institute of Financial Market is also one of the leading private vocational training institutes in the stock market, financial market, and accounting taxation sector. They also provide long-term and short-term Job Oriented skill development courses in offline and online modes. Thus the institute introduced short-term job-oriented certification programs for teaching the latest financial market facilities. 

NIFM provides job-oriented courses, e.g., in Stock Market, Share Market, Capital Market, Forex Market, Commodity market, Options Strategy, Derivative, and Financial Market. It also helps in preparing for SEBI NISM Modules examinations. Although today, NIFM provides one of the most professional taxation and accounting courses in India, whose course details are as follows:

  • Course Name: Certified GST Professional
  • Duration: 2 Months


  1. Introduction of Goods & Services Tax
  2. Structure of GST
  3. Invoicing in GST
  4. Input Tax Credit & Payment in GST
  5. GST Return Filing
  6. Composition Scheme Under GST
  7. Reverse Charge Mechanism
  8. E-Way Bill under GST
  9. Registration under GST

3. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India:

Hence, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, established in 1944, became a statutory professional body in 1959 by a Special Act of Parliament. Hence, the objective of this statutory professional body was to regulate the profession of cost and management accountancy. 

Thus the Institute of Cost Accountants of India is the only recognized licensing body and statutory professional organization specializing entirely in Cost and Management Accountancy. Though institute provides one of the most professional taxation and accounting courses in India, whose course details are as follows:

  • Course Name: Online Certificate Course on GST
  • Duration: 72 Hours


  1. Constitutional Background of GST, Concepts, and Definitions of GST 
  2. Classification, HSN, SAC
  3. Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC
  4. Records and Returns
  5. Payment and Refunds
  6. Demands
  7. Penalties and Prosecutions
  8. Also Job Work
  9. Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  10. Applicability of TCS & TDS under GST & Filing of Return
  11. The taxable event, Time and Place of Supply, Exempted Supply, Composite and Mixed Supply, and Work Contract
  12. Valuation under GST
  13. Thus Basic Procedures – Registration, Bill of Supply, Invoice, E-way bills, etc. 
  14. Annual Return & Assessment
  15. Adjudication & Appeal
  16. Advance Ruling & Anti Profiteering
  17. Miscellaneous Provisions & Case Studies

4. City Commerce Academy:

The City Commerce Academy is also professional training Institute in India that has successfully trained thousands of students in the accounting field. Thus their training programs for Accounts, Tally Erp 9, Taxation, and accounting software have exceptional techniques, which the institute developed after several years of research.

Presently the institute provides four comprehensive certifications and several other short courses in accounting and taxation. Thus the following are the course details of the accounting and taxation course by The City Commerce Academy:

  • Course Name: Accounts and Tax Expert


  1. Basic Concept
  2. Accounting Theories
  3. Journal Entries
  4. Manual Accounts
  5. Computerized Accounts
  6. Tally Erp. 9
  7. Inventory Accounting
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Balance Sheet
  10. Reports & MIS
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Indirect Taxes before GST
  13. Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  14. Income Tax: Concept & Returns
  15. Tax Deduction & Collection at Source
  16. Also Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
  17. Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  18. Payrolls


EduPristine is also a leading Finance Training Provider around the world. However, today its business verticals include Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Analytics, and Healthcare. Hence as an educational platform, EduPristine has built a vast network of learners in India and offers self-paced, classroom, and online learning. Thus the institute provides one of the best taxation and accounting courses with hands-on experiential online training whose course details are as follows:

  • Course: Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation
  • Duration: Not Available
  • Fee: Not Available


  1. Thus Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Tally
  2. Basics of GST & GST in Tally
  3. Also Fundamentals of Income Tax and Income Tax in Tally
  4. Payroll and its components
  5. Excel for Accounting & MIS
  6. Finalization of Financial Statements
  7. BUSY Practicals
  8. SAP
  9. Soft Skills

Salient features of the accounting and taxation program by EduPristine:

  • Dedicated computer lab
  • Industry-relevant content
  • Case-studies based learning
  • Project-based practical training
  • Training by industry experts
  • Work on MS Excel, Tally, SAP, & Busy Software
  • Prepare for 4 top accounting certifications
  • Dedicated discussion forums
  • Effective business communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Email and virtual communication
  • Presentation boot camp
  • Interview preparation workshop
  • Frequent job updates
  • Customized career guidance
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Career services & placement assistance

6. Finprov:

Finprov Learning is also a leading upskilling and learning platform aiming at inventive and high-quality education in Finance and Accounting. Hence, Finprov’s vision is to develop accomplished professionals in the sector through theoretical knowledge and job readiness. The following are the course details of the Accounting and taxation program by Finprov:

  • Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation
  • Duration: 1 year
  1. Practical Accounting
  2. Tally Prime
  3. GST
  4. GST Practical
  5. Income Tax
  6. MS Excel
  7. ESI, PF & PT
  8. Language & Professional Skills
  9. QuickBooks Online
  10. Corporate Law
  11. SAP FICO
  12. Introduction to Auditing
  13. Management Information System (MIS)
  14. Internship

7. APG learning:

APG Learning also offers some of the most successful professional programs in technology, finance, business, and lifestyle. They also have alumni of over one lakh students worldwide. Hence, today they offer online learning programs to expand their reach and deliver their courses to more audiences. The following are the course details for their accounting and taxation course that combine practical experiences with academic knowledge: 

  • Course Name: Certificate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation
  • Duration: 3 Months
  1. Industrial Accounting
  2. Tally
  3. Direct Taxation
  4. Goods and service tax GST
  5. Payroll and its components
  6. Excel and MIS
  7. Business Computer Application

 8. Indira College of Commerce and Science:

Hence, Indira College of Commerce and Science offers Bachelor’s Program in Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Application and Computer Science, and a Master’s in Computer Science and Commerce. Thus the following are the course details of one of the best taxation and accounting courses by ICCS:

  • Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Fee: Not available
  1. General Business Concepts
  2. Income Tax Law and Practice
  3. Central Excise Tax
  4. Indian Custom Tax
  5. Central Sales Tax
  6. Tax Administration
  7. Practical Training Report
  8. Comprehensive Viva-Voce


1. Which Tax course is best?

Although candidates who want to take a Tax course must meet the eligibility requirements for the program, they wish to join. Hence, Taxation courses are available for certification, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Diploma levels. The following are some of the best taxes courses:

IIPTR Institute’s Master BAT Course

IIPTR Institute Certified GST Professional

For example, Indira College of Commerce and Science offers a postgraduate diploma in taxation.

2. Is a job as a tax consultant a good one?

Taxation is a noble profession for the mentally gifted. Thus the position requires you to be meticulous and to have exceptional language, communication, and quantitative abilities. Though most people believe that tax consultant positions are all about numbers, the truth is that most of the work is about the law. As a result, tax consulting is an excellent career option for anybody interested in arithmetic and law. 

3. Is it challenging to become a tax preparer?

Eventually, If you enjoy the subject, becoming a tax preparation is not difficult. Hence, as a tax consultant, you must have an eye for detail and the willingness to work hard. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a solid basis in taxation considerations throughout the early stages of your academic program.


As soon as a person earns taxable income, income taxes become an unavoidable part of his or her life. In this case you must understand how and when you are taxed.  

Thus the taxes and accounting courses we discussed provide extensive taxation and accounting expertise and are all competitively priced for the breadth of knowledge they convey. Therefore Choose wisely based on your requirements. Also, please share any additional issues with tax courses in the comments section. 

Best wishes for your studies.Happy learning.

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