IIPTR GST Course Review: An Eye-opening Analysis

The advent of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2008 produced a deluge of opportunities for people to practise a new profession or add a badge to their long-term work. However, if you are in a bind before committing to the GST training at IIPTR, here is a comprehensive IIPTR Institute GST Course Review. After reading it, you will have a clear idea of what to expect when you register for the course and how to benefit best from it.

Before we get into the IIPTR Institute GST Course review, let’s look at what GST is all about and the employment chances and prospects following the course.

What exactly is GST?

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a single indirect tax regime that replaced many disparate levies to become One Nation, One Tax. VAT, excise duty, luxury tax, and service tax are among the levies that have been repealed.

Organically, GST applies whenever a product or service is sold, purchased, traded, or consumed in any area of the nation. The multi-tiered tax structure is divided into five GST slabs promoted by the government, which are as follows:

1.0%- salt, cereals, grains, sanitary napkins, etc.

2.5%- Sugar, spices, edible oil, cashew nuts, etc.

3.12% ketchup, condiments, diagnostic reagents, eyewear, and other similar items

4.18% – soaps, hair oils, headgear, infant carriages, etc.

5.28%- Air conditioning, cell phones, refrigerators, etc.

GST as a Career Choice

The GST Act transformed India’s tax framework and created job opportunities for commerce and finance graduates, working professionals, and everyone interested in numbers.

According to statistics, the GST has created 1.3 million employment for tax specialists, financial professionals, and accountants.

There is no denying that every firm, business, and industry, whether small, medium, or big, falls under the jurisdiction of goods and taxes legislation. However, only some firms can handle taxation-related obligations and meet tax reporting deadlines. This, in effect, fueled the need for GST Practitioners.

As a result, GST compliance expertise combined with certification serves as a springboard to a lucrative career. While this may be ideal for a beginner, GST amplification might result in a 15-20% increase for a working professional. Doesn’t it sound satisfying?

You can also pursue many career paths, such as working for a multinational corporation or starting your own GST agency. Overall, GST practitioners may be a rewarding career option for business, finance, and tax professionals.

Now that you’ve learned about the GST profession’s refuge let’s dive into the IIPTR Institute GST Course.

IIPTR Institute – A World-class Institute

The IIPTR Institute, which arose from an educational blog, quickly became the talk of the town’s ed-tech institution. Over the past decade, IIPTR Institute has worked tirelessly to provide career upskilling and job-oriented premium courses, establishing itself as a well-known education brand.

IIPTR Institute quickly expanded its wing from being the finest Content Writing course provider to the best in the digital marketing area. That is the GST program. The following section will go deeper into the IIPTR Institute GST Course review.

Returning to the IIPTR Institute, its ability to educate and upskill people from many areas of life makes it a sought-after option. They help students, graduates, homemakers, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. The courses are developed with various sorts of learners in mind. However, no one feels left out once you join this learning fraternity.

Furthermore, skilled instructors, structured module-wise learning, cutting-edge techniques, and focused experiential learning set it apart from the competition. What more do you require?

IIPTR Institute GST Certification Course

IIPTR Institute’s GST certification course is an all-encompassing, expert-crafted, up-to-date course that provides the most recent insights and information on the GST sector. The course is rich in learning opportunities and focuses on applying principles.

The course equips you with the necessary abilities to grasp the GST domain, to strengthen your core skills from basic to advanced levels. These are some examples:

  • Acquire GST understanding, including its genesis, enforcement, implementation, and tax compliance.

  • How GST Functions

  • A thorough comprehension of the GST structure as a whole.

  • GST impact on businesses to assist you in determining GST pricing strategies.

  • GST ideas are learned practically through registration, TDS compliance, return filing, and refunds.

  • Mastering GST regulations to get a job or create your consulting firm.

Before we get into the course’s amazing features, let’s take a quick look at the module structure:

Module 1: Introduction to GST and Comparison with Old Indirect Taxes

Module 1.2: Types of GST/ Rate Structure under GST

Module 1.3:Exemptions in GST

Module 1.4:GST Registration – Persons liable for registration.Types of registration.Types of registration.

Module 1.5: Concept of supply under GST – Distinction of Goods and Services.

Module 1.6: Concept of Place of Supply.

Module 1.7: Concept of time of supply and valuation under GST

Module 1.8: Concept of Branch Transfer/Principal-Agent/Job Work/Works Contract /E-Commerce/Special Economic Zone/EOU/Free Sample/Input Services Distributor.

Module 1.9: Export & Imports in GST and provisions relating to LUT

Module 1.10: Types of Invoices and Invoice Format.

Module 1.11:Computation of GST (including RCM)

Module 1.12: Input Tax Credit (ITC)and set off -Types of input tax credit/ Conditions to claim ITC/Inadmissible ITC/Reversal of ITC /Setof of ITC 

Module 1.13: Concepts of Reverse charger mechanism and compliance

Module 1.14: Recording GST liability, ITC, Computation of GST payment, and Set off entry for ITC.

Module 1.15: Filing of GST returns – (GST3B/GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3/GSTR4/GSTR5 etc)

Module 1.16: Eway Bill requirement & compliance.

Module 1.17: E-invoicing

Module 1.18: Composition Scheme in GST

Module 1.19: Tax Computation, Payments, and reports(including practical example) TDS under GST

Module 1.20: GST Annual Return

Module 1.21: GST Audit


1) Detailed training on GST Software of Partner GSP for payment and filing of GST (presently, no one is providing practical training on GST software). A free copy of GST Filing Software will be provided to students upon completing the course.

2) Training on how to successfully run your business and client relations.

The GST Course’s Key Features

The GST course has eye-catching attractions that will knock you off your feet. Hold your breath as we begin to reveal the characteristics one by one.

The learning curve that is self-paced:

The IIPTR Institute understands the hectic schedules of working people and students. With this in mind, they designed a self-paced curriculum to shorten the learning curve. As a result, whether you are swamped with examinations or job responsibilities, don’t worry: IIPTR Institute will assist you in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Professional advice:

They exclusively hire professionals and experienced teachers for their courses, as they do for their other courses. They ensure you obtain the most subtle and significant instruction under the mentors’ professional mentorship. So, don’t worry; enrolling in this rewarding course puts yourself in good hands.

This critical topic forms the foundation of the IIPTR Institute GST Course review. Expert assistance from an experienced CA has a long-term impact on your learning curve.

Thoughtful approaches: There is no doubt that teaching strategies are just as important as faculties when it comes to online learning. Not everyone is capable of making others comprehend. As a result, careful strategies for simple comprehension and implementation are required!

The onboard faculty at IIPTR Institute employs thoroughly studied ways to offer the course. As a result, you will naturally open up to new ideas.

Free Demo available:

A free trial before purchasing is a thing of beauty for netizens. The measurements are the same whether you’re online shopping or taking an online course. With this in mind, the IIPTR Institute GST training provides a free sample session before you make an informed decision.

Attend the free Demo, speak with a professional career counsellor, and then decide whether you want to get into it. Sure, competent pros will clear your mind of any worries.

Improvement of abilities:

The GST training stimulates and polishes your skill set as a skill development course. It not only teaches you how to handle GST issues, but it also gives you the desirable ability to manage numerous customers. Furthermore, you must arrange and manage your work to satisfy clients. As a result, our comprehensive GST course prepares you to walk in the shoes of the top GST practitioners.

Learning that is interactive:

The IIPTR Institute GST course lets you connect and speak with teachers and classmates. Both result in an increase in knowledge and perception.

Your hands are free to express your views, get feedback from others, or ask the instructor a question.

Despite being connected via Zoom, the interactive classroom has the sense of a traditional classroom. You will be in a very dynamic classroom if you give your full attention.

Doubt resolution occurs instantly:

Regarding engagement and problem-solving, most institutes and online courses need to catch up. However, with IIPTR Institute, you do not have to be concerned about doubt-clearance.

Mentors and teams from the IIPTR Institute are always available to answer your questions. You can raise concerns in the zoom sessions or via emails with an affirmation to get an answer at the drop of a hat. As a result, this adds one point to the favourable IIPTR Institute GST course evaluation.

Implementation in Practice:

In today’s cutthroat competitive environment, practical usefulness and execution are increasingly valuable. Theoretical knowledge without practical application is like a bird that cannot fly. Do you really want to be that bird?

The IIPTR Institute believes in training flying birds. As a result, it provides you with full-fledged practical processes for carrying out processing. They educate you on how to file GST returns, register for GST, and get refunds, among other things.

Courses level:

Industry professionals have meticulously designed the training content. Beginning with a foundational understanding of the GST framework and structure, the course progresses to an expert understanding of GST compliances such as ITC and the E-way bill system.

Similarly, there is equal emphasis on GST registration, return filing and refund schemes.

The training is divided into sections to allow for a clear conception. Each module covers specific subjects to help you progress toward your goals.

Certification included:

Certification is an official credential that validates your cognitive ability. When applying for a job, HR usually looks at your credentials to finish your resume or schedule an interview.

If you are looking for a career, this certification-coupled course is perfect. Furthermore, certificates prove any businessman or other staff would like to add to their collection.

When you finish the course and pass the test, the IIPTR Institute grants you a Master’s credential. Imagine your name is inscribed on this master certification.

Career guidance:

Only some people know what they want or if they fit the profile well. In that situation, you could want a hand-hold or directing hand to help you.

IIPTR Institute has a professional counselor on staff to help you along your path to success. The IIPTR Institute GST course evaluation might be seen positively.

Small Batch Size

The quantity of students in a single batch is relatively less.IIPTR Institute’s small batch numbers ensure that each individual receivesa careful attention and supervision. As a result, the course delivery is very quality-focused and student-centred.

Lifetime access:

The most appealing aspect of this course is the lifetime access guarantee. That implies you don’t have to be dissatisfied if you miss out on anything.

With lifelong LMS support, you may surf your learning and access updated learnings until your last breath. Thus, the number of times you see instructional recordings is unlimited.

The cherry on top is that you may communicate with and consult with mentors throughout your life. Inquire about their career advice, coaching, challenges, or employment ideas.

In its most basic form, IIPTR Institute is a lifelong journey.


Because it is an online course, you may access it from any location. It also includes convenient access via Zoom sessions.

In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house to improve your GST understanding. Fundamentally, you can learn about GST from the comfort of your own home.

How Will the Course Help You?

Learning is one thing, but becoming conscious is applying it with zeal. With that in mind, let me outline how you might leverage your learning to get the finest outcomes and results.

Maintain a regular and consistent schedule.

The online course is only a month or two long. It is best to stick to a regular and consistent class schedule to get the most benefits.

Thus the reality is that our priorities determine everything in our lives. Make time to upskill or learn something new once you’ve decided to do so. Attend frequent sessions and classify them as a priority job.

Put Yourself into Practice

The axiom “practice makes a man perfect” never really dies. Even today, success comes to those who practice incessantly. Hence, become customary to learn side by side and put yourself into practice.  

Whatever you have acquired in the sessions, harness the most out of it by practical applicability. 

Consider Your Learning

Being attentive to the mentors in the session is insufficient. Reflect on what you learned to improve the learning curve. Consider the purchases and procedures, and make a list of any questions that have you perplexed.

Pose the question during the next session or email the mentors. Hence, you will be able to gain the most benefits from the programme in this manner.

Question Your Doubts

The most crucial part of knowledge enhancement is doubt resolution. When you ask questions, you clarify your thinking, and mentors admire your eagerness to learn.

As a result, make it a point to list your concerns and toss them out when the discussion is finished.

IIPTR Institute GST Course Review

IIPTR Institute Skills’ instructive GST certification course is ideal for anybody looking to increase their GST knowledge quotient. The self-paced comprehensive course is ideal for students, working professionals, homemakers, retirees, and those who want to improve their learning experience. Thus this course suits anyone competent with numbers and a prior understanding of taxes.

It is the ideal bet because of its clear conception, participatory learning, and rapid doubt-resolution strategies. Additionally, internship and placement options and preparatory recommendations add to the course’s juices.

The second important factor to consider in the IIPTR Institute GST Course review is life-long support and a master certification to add to your portfolio. These unique and fantastic characteristics make it an excellent alternative for studying GST and its primary compliances.

Before we close this IIPTR Institute GST course review, consider what students had to say about it:


That’s all for the IIPTR Institute GST Course Review.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q1. Is IIPTR Institute a decent option for GST training?

A: Considering the benefits of self-paced learning, extensive curriculum, skilled faculty, and lifelong access, IIPTR Institute is an excellent choice for GST Course. Furthermore, the reasonable cost makes it beneficial.

Q2. What are the course modules covered in the IIPTR Institute GST course?

A: The extensive curriculum includes the following modules:

1: GST concept and its impact on business

2: GST framework and structure

3: GST registration- criteria and process

4: GST invoicing rules and regulations

5: GST returns filing

6: Composition scheme

7: Reverse charge mechanism

8: E-way bill

9: Input Tax Credit System

Q3. Is the IIPTR Institute GST course offered online?

A. The GST course at IIPTR Institute is an online learning program accessible from anywhere worldwide.

Wrap up!

To summarise, GST practitioner is a promising and profitable career path for finance and accounting students and professionals. Whether you are a business student, a tax expert, a financial professional, or an accountant, understanding GST will open up new opportunities for you. Eventually, you need expert assistance and experience to get you started in the correct direction.

Thus, GST knowledge offers enormous potential for a rewarding profession if you put your heart and soul into it. With every sector (large or small) subject to the tax regime’s constraints, employment portals are flooded with demand for GST practitioners.

Thus, constantly honing your abilities and acquiring new ones might help you shape your path to becoming a GST practitioner. Once you complete the course, there are several employment opportunities, so consider what you want for yourself and make an informed selection.

Finally, I hope our IIPTR Institute GST course review aided your selection process. Even with the smallest uncertainty, start with the free demo session. Register for the GST Certification Course today.

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